Yoga Therapy is designed around the principle of prana – your body’s life force. Yogis believe the energy that heals your body is your spirit. When that energy leaves, the body dies. The same energy that is digesting your food is the spirit in you. It has so much more potential than just keeping us alive. It’s nature is to return us to the source from which it came. That energy, when freed to its catalytic momentum, can carry out deep healing at the subtle levels just as it does at the gross.

Yoga Therapy testimony by Kelli Winterton

"Back in August i learned of Tania Wildbill and her yoga therapy. I had alot going on emotionally and thought I want to work this out in a different way. I contacted tania and I was a little scared of the unknown but I figured I had been to different kind of therapies so what did I have to lose. My first session was a very emotional session for me in so many ways. I was not dealing with loss of loved ones like i thought I had under control. Tania took me wayyyy  back to the loss of my father a husband and a granddaughter that had just been stripped from me without notice to move to Florida. The emotions were so raw and I will say i honestly could not stop sobbing . But after that session my heart felt lighter something changed I cannot tell you what happened to me that day but it was so Good! As tania and I worked thru more sessions I have an ankle that has 10 pins and a plate . I baby this ankle as sometimes I can just turn wrong and I would feel pain. Winters for my ankle have always been grueling from the arthritis.  I can tell you that I have had no pain or throbbing through this intense winter. I told Tania one day the insurance companies are going to recognize this therapy and accept it for so many reasons.. depression, suicidal situations, body ailments and so many health reasons. I am so happy I made that call to Tania Wildbill the day I did as it changed alot of things for me both mentally and physically.  I'm thrilled to see where she is going to go with this awesome therapy. All of you who want a natural healing thearapy don't be afraid to call her it truly can change your life in many positive ways!"

Yoga Therapy Testimonial by Pamela Reese

"Until last Friday, I carried a map of trauma on my skin--one etched there since childhood and reinforced by some poor choices I made as an adult. The map had burned itself into my body, all the way down to the cellular level. It sent me to many doctor visits for fibromyalgia and depression. It begged me to wear extra clothing and body fat to cover it.
I've tried many things to make myself feel "better," including years of talk therapy, but I hadn't truly seen the connection between body and mind--until I met Tania.
The ninety minutes of yoga therapy with Tania in her Mission studio guided me toward releasing much of the tangled highways of pain and memory that had invaded my joints and muscles. It was primal and freeing. It was some of the hardest work I've ever done.
As I raced toward Wellness Wave for my appointment that day, I didn't know what to expect. I surely didn't expect to cry, but the tears came. Lots of them. And I didn't expect to yell and make the sounds I had made during childbirth, but I did.
Yoga therapy was a painful, joyful experience. Before I knew it, the scorched places inside my body had cooled because there was nothing left to fuel them. The white-hot road map I'd been holding onto had changed into a fortune-hunter's treasure map that led me to my center of gravity. I literally danced out of the place, hips swinging and happy! When I looked into the rear view mirror, I swear my skin was glowing. The fire had come outside."

Yoga Therapy Testimonial

"Today is my 7th class and 1 year since my double back surgery bringing me back from becoming half a vegetable. No joke, I have lost about 10 lbs and the pain level in my spine has gone from a constant 8 to a “holy hell” 3 :) this woman is seriously the best thing to happen to Pendleton, I am so lucky to have her as my Guru and I know that I will go so much further in my yoga journey"


60 minutes                              $75

75 minutes                              $100

90 minutes                              $130

(6) 60 Minute Sessions             $420 ($30 savings)

(6) 75 Minute Sessions             $570 ($30 savings)

(6) 90 Minute Sessions             $750 ($30 savings)

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    • Once Wellness Wave received an email that payment has been made, you will be contacted to schedule appointment


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